Darren Criss Autographed 8X10 Glee Photos

0000940003_450x450So for all you Gleeks out there you should know who this is. The hounds of CO_Autographs sniffed out Glee actor Darren Criss for autographs of Darren in his Warblers get up from Glee!

Being one of the latest rising stars Darren was glad to sign and take pictures with fans.

Always be prepared we say cause you never know who else you may see.

The hounds of CO_Autographs are required to always have index cards on hand and if the actor or actress is in a TV show, we always make sure our hounds have cast photos.

Darren was the only Glee star the night CO_Autograph hounds caught Darren, but it was a sure success!

Check out the photos Darren signed for CO_Autographs, cause some of them are just EXTRA unique! :)


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