Tom Mison Signs for COAutographs: Sleepy Hollow Autographed Memorabilia

Tom Mison signs autographs for COAutographsHey everyone! Sorry, we haven’t posted for so long, we have all been extra busy here at COAutographs with all the new and upcoming changes to our website, and with all the recent events we have been covering we haven’t had much time for updates.

One of the many people we caught up with in the past couple of months was the one and only ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ star himself, Tom Mison. We had some time to sit down with the star to talk about the Season 3 of ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ which is set for a Fall 2015 return.

Without giving away any spoilers, we were told there is a lot more to expect during the return of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. We can sadly confirm Orlando Jones (aka Captain Frank Irving) will not be returning for Sleepy Hollow’s third season and with the loss of Katrina Crane, the series is said to focus on the relationship challenges between Tom Mison‘s character Ichabod Crane and Nicole Beharie’s character Abbie Mills.

The signed photos and memorabilia that we obtained during our one-on-one signing with Tom will be added to our website in the next couple of days so please do look out for all the amazing authentic Sleepy Hallow goodies coming very, very soon!! :)

Some of the photos from our signing with Tom are below.


Luvs alwys!,
– MS

Photos Taken by Justin Paludipan for COAutographs

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