Jackson Rathbone: 100 Monkeys Autographed 8X10 Tour Concert Photo

00001095013-04_450x450Hey autograph collectors! More RARE and unique autographed memorabilia has just been added to COAutographs’s website, so head on over to COAutographs.com to check it all out.

COAutographs’s president was on another Vegas job when he got word, Twilight actor, Jackson Rathbone was in Las Vegas, Nevada, to do a free concert at the Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience.

If you Twihard’s don’t know, Jackson is in the band called ‘100 Monkeys‘, which is an independent funk rock band from Los Angeles, California.

The ‘100 Monkeys’ was formed in 2008 and has recently risen to fame due to the popularity of Jackson’s character, Jasper, from the Twilight movies.

When COAutographs’s president got full details of the ‘100 Monkeys’ concert, the hounds of COAutographs jetted down to the Fremont Street Experience to catch the concert, get some pics, and obtain autographs of course!

After rocking out the music, COAutographs’s staff obtained autographs from all ‘100 Monkeys’ band members and, Yes, COAutographs got Jackson to sign Jasper photos. :)

Check out the photos from the concert below, and all the ‘100 Monkeys’ and Twilight autographs at COAutographs.com.


Photos Taken by Justin Paludipan for COAutographs

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