Holly Madison Autographed 8X10 Photo

00001098013Hey autograph collectors! Check out the NEW autographs over at COAutographs.com.

‘Holly’s World’ and former ‘The Girls Next Door’ reality star, Holly Madison, signed for COAutographs this past weekend (September 18) at the Las Vegas Sugar Factory, inside the Paris Hotel & Casino, while in the middle of filming a segment for Extra TV. With Vegas being Holly’s current home COAutographs always supplies Holly Madison photos to all COAutographs hounds.

With Holly Madison photos on hand, the hounds of COAutographs whipped out the all time favorite “pink photo“! What’s the pink photo? Well… because Holly’s wearing a beautiful pink dress and being Holly’s favorite photo, COAutographs calls it the “pink photo”. Hounds of COAutographs always says “when we see Holly we use the pink photo and she always says ‘I love this photo… it’s my favorite’.”

Since the beginning of 2011, Holly has been a full-time correspondent for the national syndicated entertainment news program Extra aka ‘Extra TV’. Holly has covered events and red carpets all over the Las Vegas area and in Los Angeles. Check out the authentic autographed Holly Madison memorabilia at COAutographs.com.

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